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calico kittens - all you want to know about calico kittens

calico kittens - all you want to know about calico kittens

 calico kittens - all you want to know about calico kittens
calico kittens - all you want to know about calico kittens

Calico cats and kittens are well-known for his or her gorgeous, tricolored coats in hues of orange, black, and white. But there is a lot more to those kitties than their attractiveness.

Their genetics, for instance, is the subject of in-depth scientific studies starting way back within the 1940s. In folklore, calicos are revered worldwide for his or her good luck.

Learn more amazing facts about many of nature's most colorful kitties.

Calico Isn't a Breed of Cat

There is no single calico breed. Rather, calico refers to the color variations during a kitty's coat. Although orange, black, and white are the foremost common calico colors, some cats may have cream, bluish-black, red, or chocolate brown in their coats, too.

You can find cats with calico coats among many distinct breeds of cats, including American shorthair, Persian, Maine coon, and Cornish Rex, among others.

(Most Calico Cats Are Female (Males Are Super Rare

It's an incontrovertible fact that 99.9 percent of all calico cats are female thanks to the unique chromosomal makeup that determines the color variations in their coats. Why? placed on your laboratory coat. it is time for a few science.

The sex chromosomes (X and Y) determine whether a cat is going to be male or female. Each cat features a pair of sex chromosomes with the possible combinations of XX (female) and XY (male). The X chromosome also carries the coding gene for the black and orange colors during a calico's coat.

Female calico cats have two X chromosomes and thus have two chromosomes with code. accidentally (and counting on the colors within the parents) both X chromosomes may carry the black code or both may carry the orange code, during which case the cat would have those markings. as long as the cat gets one orange-coded X and one black-coded X will it's calico. expressing both black and orange coloration. To manage these two sets of codes, the feminine embryo will pack up one X chromosome in each cell, leading to the black and orange variations during a calico's coat.

Because male cats have one X chromosome with code for black or orange and one Y chromosome with none color genes, they can't technically be calico. They'll only express either black or orange, but not both.

There is one exception: A genetic anomaly called XXY Syndrome, which occurs when the male cat has two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome. this will produce a male calico.

About one in every 3,000 calico cats is born a male, and, unfortunately, don't live as long as female calicos thanks to their genetic abnormalities. XXY Syndrome renders male calicos sterile and may be the basis explanation for many other health problems. If you are doing have a male calico, however, a healthy diet, exercise, and much of affection and a spotlight can help him live an extended and happier life.

Calico Cats cannot be Bred

Due to their unique genetic makeup (and the very fact that male calico cats are born sterile), calico cats cannot be bred. Rather, nature produces these colorful kitties randomly.

Calicos Don't Share Personality Traits

Because calico cats aren't one single breed (and cannot be bred) they do not share certain personality traits, temperaments, or tendencies. Many breeds of cats are often calico, however, so if you are looking for a particular personality type, make certain to read abreast of American shorthairs, Japanese bobtails, and Maine coons, among others.

What's more, the typical calico cat's lifespan can vary greatly. But remember: the key to an extended, happy, and healthy kitty life may be a nutritious diet, protective shelter, and many of affection (when they'll allow it).

Calico Cats Are Very Lucky

Because calico cats are so rare (especially male calico cats) they're considered an honest luck charm everywhere the planet. The folklore and beliefs about them include:

Back within the day, Japanese fishermen brought calico cats onto their ships to guard them from harsh storms, also because of the ghosts of their envious ancestors.
According to Irish folklore, you'll cure warts by rubbing a calico cat's tail on the affected area but only during May. It's probably better to form a meeting together with your dermatologist.
The famous Japanese Beckoning Cat (or Maneki Neko) was modeled after a calico. They're often placed within the entrances of homes and businesses to bring good luck. The Maneki Neko dates back to the 1870s, so these kitties have an extended history as bringers of luck.
In the us, calico cats are sometimes mentioned as "money cats," because they carry luck to their owners.

Calico Is a politician State Cat

Only three states within the us have official feline representatives: Maine, Massachusetts, and Maryland.

Calico cats were declared Maryland's official state cat thanks to their orange, black, and white coats. they need an equivalent coloring because the Baltimore oriole, which is Maryland's official state bird.


Sometimes, your calico kitten could also be confused with a tortoiseshell cat, (or “tortie” for brief .) They both tend to possess brown and orange fur, but calico cats will have tons of white coloring also. Here are some important facts when researching your new calico kitten.
calico kittens - all you want to know about calico kittens
calico kittens - all you want to know about calico kittens

another facts


Small to Large 
Calico cats aren’t breed-specific so that they range dramatically in weight and size. They’ve been seen to weigh as little as 4-8 pounds for smaller breeds, or 9-12 pounds for much larger breeds just like the Maine coon. Note that these weights are based entirely on female varieties, as male calico cats are very rare.

Breed Characteristics 

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, they recognize 16 cat breeds which will end in the calico pattern. this suggests the breed characteristics for calico cats vary widely, but the coloring remains an equivalent. the most colors are orange, brown and white, white being the central color. the colors are available a good sort of shades including tans, gingers, and darker browns also.


Like most cats, calico kittens are often equal parts affectionate and fiercely independent. As a kitten, they ought to vary between being playful and energetic, while also sleeping for long periods of your time. All cats have their unique personalities, and reading abreast of breed temperament will only tell a part of the story of your new furry friend.

Grooming and Health Needs

 Like many cats, counting on the sort of calico cats fur, brushing your calico out weekly is suggested. due to their unique fur patterns, make certain to see their skin closely for skin issues like rashes or fleas, as it’s harder to identify under the patterned fur.

In general, calico cats are healthy once they are female. ask your veterinarian specifically about what you'll expect together with your female tortoiseshell.

However, If you happen to possess a highly rare male tortoiseshell, they'll be diagnosed with something called Klinefelter’s Syndrome. this is often due partially of their XXY chromosomes that are present. This syndrome results in weak bones, developmental issues, and abnormal weight gain.


 When you initially get your calico kitten, it’s important to coach them within the primary 2-7 weeks. this is often essential to create trust and limits between humans and cats. whilst a kitten, you'll train your cat to use the litter box.
With many kittens, biting could also be a problem. make certain to discourage it by pulling your hand away, saying a firm “no”, and have many toys for them to bite instead!

Energy Level

 Calico cats traits will mirror their breeds. as an example, Persian cats, a standard calico breed, are lower energy and like lounging within the sun most of the time, while the Turkish angora is far more playful and loves attention from all ages of relations.

Life Span

 Calicos live between 12 – 20 years on the average, counting on the sort of breed your tortoiseshell is.

calico kittens - all you want to know about calico kittens
calico kittens - all you want to know about calico kittens

?Who is that the best human for a calico kitten

Calico kittens personality mostly depends on what breed the calico gene came from. as an example, Turkish angoras had best in larger families with young children and Maine coons are often referred to as “gentle giants” and obtain along well with other pets. for many cats, however, it’s important to possess many higher spaces and breathing space for them to climb up to and survey their new kingdom.

Getting a calico kitten

Choosing to adopt or undergo a breeder for your new calico kitten may be a personal choice that needs research. Thankfully, there are many resources out there to assist you discover a rescue or breeder that gives healthy, ethically sourced calico kittens.

Knowing what you’re certain once you get a calico kitten is a crucial step in being a responsible pet owner. Whether you discover a responsible breeder or are planning on adopting, it’s up to you to be prepared for an active and friendly addition to your household.

Adopting calico kittens

You may be surprised to listen to that adopting a calico kitten is feasible. Most breed rescues report that a majority of their rescue cats come from individual owner surrender, with the foremost common reasons being a change in lifestyle or the breed not being right for them. this suggests that there could also be many cats and kittens out that that are trying to find a replacement forever home.

The main difference between a breeder and a rescue is that a rescue might not always calve kittens to settle on from. The benefit, however, is that the majority are mandated to only adopt out cats that are microchipped and spayed/neutered. this suggests you'll find yourself with a cat that’s already been housebroken, and doesn’t need these common medical procedures. you'll also find a calico mix that has all the traits you would like from the breed, but with a touch, extra thrown in.

Finding a calico breeder

The first step is to try to do your research. Sadly, many kitten mills are posing as reputable breeders alongside many online scams. Be aware, and reach bent different online forums for conversations about getting your future furry loved one.

Be sure to ask questions, make arrangements to satisfy the breeder and cat parents, and follow your gut. If something seems wrong at a breeder you visit, or the calico kitten seems too good to be true, there’s likely something happening.

Calico kitten resources

After you discover the proper calico kitten, it’s time to organize your home! quite just showering love on your new loved one, creating a healthy environment for your kitten means storing away a couple of things and buying the proper quite food. Here are a couple of resources to urge you started: