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cats & kitten - everything you need to know about cats

cats & kitten - everything you need to know about cats

cats & kitten - everything you need to know about cats
cats & kitten - everything you need to know about cats

hey guys so this article is going to come a little out of left field right it seems like a weird article to incorporate on our website but I just feel like I get a lot of questions

 kind of randomly over the last couple years about like advice on owning cats adopting cats and just general tips and you know specific questions as well so I just thought I'd make one big article all about what I know and my experiences and owning cats and like my best advice and tips and do's and don'ts for you guys a lot of Steve not a cat person you can skip this article 

I just really wanted to have this information out there so I have a article for reference for you guys in case any of you have questions about adopting cats I'm also gonna talk about the stories but behind my cats and like them specifically in their medical histories and like scares and like issues that I've had with them over the last I think eight years this will be eight years of owning them 

so a lot of people like to believe that owning cats is actually easier than owning dogs and although that might be true most of the time because I've never owned a dog but I have dogs at many days in my life that's jus required their own specific care and sometimes they can be difficult and it does take effort and money on your part just like owning any animals so don't think that you can just adopt a cat just because it is seems like the easiest animal to care for and the cheapest and things like that it's still a living animal that you are going to be responsible for and you need to know the proper care for it 

cats are actually very picky when it comes to eating so much so that they will starve to death if they don't get the food that they like also they're not thirst driven animals so a lot of times they like to get their water source from their food source which is why they tend to prefer wet food so we'll get into all of that and like do's and don'ts and specific to advice for those kind of things later but first we're gonna talk about my experience and why I feel like I can talk about this with such authority if you will I don't know I have had cats all my life 

there's only been like a year or so span of time where I haven't had a cat or my family hasn't had a so it was probably when I was 22 21 so I adopted my cats in 2011 it's so scary because they're getting old also I have volunteered a cat shelter for about six months in the past and that was really amazing 

although it was really difficult to care for the feral cats and the you know once that were sick or injured it was really really hard there were some that were very sick I did adopt my cats together so I do get questions as far as in court like bringing in a new cat into an existing cats household and tips for that I don't actually know because my cats were adopted together however I do have experience in moving back in with my parents having my cats and they had adopted Otto at that point and so we had to figure out how to get them to get along and wasn't easy

 because both Pepe my boy cat and Otto are alpha males look at my girl she's so beautiful she goes okay they don't want to be in this article yet it's about them like the one time I want them to be in the articlethey don't want to be in the article anyway before we get into do's and don'ts I do want you guys to be open-minded to adult and senior cats kittens usually don't have you know an issue getting adopted a lot of people want kittens going into adopting cats and that's fine I adopted two kittens although Pepe was more in the teen phase but be open to adult cats and senior cats

cats & kitten - everything you need to know about cats

 because they are gonna have a harder time to get adopted all right now we're gonna get into specific do's and don'ts about adopting and owning cats the first do is obviously do adopt don't buy purebreds the concept of purebred to me and like spending that much money on a cat when there are so many cats and shelters needing homes is beyond me 

because all cats are loveable and I don't understand this need for a certain breed I understand if you think one breed or so it's like cute and quirky and you want that one but just be open to all cats because all cats need a home and need to be loved and purebred live shorter lifespans than mutt cats it's not even a thing I know my mutts are dogs 

but you know what I mean like mixed cats they generally live longer so there's a benefit to getting a cat adopting it from a shelter I'll tell you the story about my cats in case you haven't seen the original articlevideo which you know was 2011 so who has so at that time my ex and I decided to get cats together and we were gonna go to the shelter that I had volunteered at prior in my life which I volunteered there twice obviously I just want to point out that I fought for them in the break up and I got them because I was not about to give up my babies 

so our first stop in adopting our cats with Pet Smart we were going to get some stuff for them some you know litter box food things like that things that you need for a cat and ironically they were doing an event there that day with a shelter of course we looked because they were cats available and we had held two cats total and those two we adopted and those are my babies now obviously there was something about them that I could not walk away from and that just drew me to them and honestly all cats are like that to me 

I could have held any two cats and I probably would have been like these are the ones and I don't necessarily recommend going that route because you don't know the cat that well you don't interact with it that long we barely help them so we were just like let's get these ones but I honestly could not imagine my life without them so I do not regret that at all the first don't is don't declaw your cat's please do not take out their claws this is actually very torturous for them and people think it's just removing the nail but it's actually a bone amputation and it could cause a lot of pain and aggression in your cat

 I was how they defend themselves and especially if you're going to let your cats outside which I don't recommend and we'll get into why if you're going to definitely do not D claw your cats because they need that to survive in the wild the next one is obvious but do spay and neuter your animals all animals need to be spayed and neutered especially cats especially if you're going to let them go outside again don't recommend it but if you're going to spay and neuter them so let's get into why I don't think you should let your cats go outside now this seems kind it's kind of controversial because a lot of people think that they belong in the wild they are meant to be outdoors your cats me want to go outdoors and that's fine don't let them it can shorten their lifespan from 15 years to 5 years it drastically shortens life span 

cats & kitten - everything you need to know about cats

there are too many risks involved with letting your cats go outside whether it be cars other cats other animals and especially if they're not spayed or neutered they can obviously mate and have babies and there's a huge epidemic going on right now with feral cats like it's a real issue well the reason why I'm so passionate passionate about not letting your cats go outside not letting them be outdoor cats is because I have been traumatized as a child so my family always had indoor outdoor cats one died when I was 6 years old 

I watched it get hit by a car and died traumatized I can still see it very vividly in my brain today the second incident happened when I was in high school we had a cat named frisky which loved him miss him so much and we don't know what happened to him he either got in a fight with another cat or got bit by like a rat or something but he had an infection in his jaw so bad that it had deteriorated his jaw like completely gone and it was so much so that we could not save him and we had to put him down so this is why I'm very passionate 

I could never let those things happen to my kids now and I'm sorry if you get annoyed when people call their animals kids I don't have kids so they are my kids I know it's not the same I really know that I'm an aunt I know anyway I just I'm so passionate about it because I'm so terrified of the outside world for myself let alone for my kids the next do is do change their litter often and try to scoop it at least every other day this is the one thing that I struggle with the most as a cat owner and need to work on the most because I am a lazy person house chores usually go by the wayside so that includes scooping the cat box and dumping it and doing things like that especially because of the litter I use it is non clumping because it is made of newspaper so it's very inconvenient to scoop but obviously cats you don't want to poop in a place that already has poop in it 

so like cats are kind of the same way they like a clean environment to pee and poop in obviously also know if your cats like their privacy most cats do so I recommend getting a hood over your litter box you can buy them you know with the hood on them this also helps and clean up because if they miss the box or they like pee outside the box it just goes on the lid and then you know it's not on your walls also the hood is much better because you don't to look at the poop while you're pooping if it's in the bathroom I keep mine in the bathroom because I live in a small apartment but you do you next up is do not scold your cats this is kind of a weird tip but if you you know yell at them or spray them with water or rub their face in their pee or poop or vomit which do not ever punish them for vomiting 

cats & kitten - everything you need to know about cats

because that is completely natural for cats to do and they're going to do it a lot sometimes but if you do those things they are going to associate at the scolding with you not with the action that you're trying to get them to stop doing they're skittish yet independent animals and you have to be gentle and reward them for good behavior rather than scolding them for bad behavior now I don't really have any advice as far as actually training them because obviously they're not dogs

 you're not gonna be able to train them like you can a dog there are tricks you can get them to do a lot of people ask me how I got Pepe to do the meerkat trick and I honestly don't know he just started doing it one day and now it's a whole thing that we do I have been really lucky with my cats though as far as like damages and things like that they haven't you know clawed up a lot of things or peed outside the box or anything or pooped although there are times where they get poop like stuck to their butt and then they run around the apartment and then ends up on the carpet 

I definitely dealt with that I have had to pay $400 to replace carpet in an old apartment the first apartment I lived in with them at the time Pepe was really annoying at night and because they are pretty much nocturnal animals so Pepe was just rambunctious he always wanted to walk in my face so I thought hey let's sleep with the door shut if you have cats you know you can't close doors in your house it's not gonna happen cause they dug a little hole in the carpet under the door to try to get do provide them lots of scratchers and things to sharpen their claws on my cat's favorite are like the cardboard scratchers you 

I'm just like in a rectangle I get the double-wide ones cuz I have two cats they go to town on though those I recommend you can get for really cheap at like TJ Maxx Marshalls home goods and bras don't ever buy them for $10 at Walmart or pet stores because that doesn't rip off for a piece of cardboard don't use plastic water bowls and I know that's kind of weird cuz as long as you're giving them water that's great but just like humans aren't meant to reuse water bottles constantly we shouldn't be refilling their water dishes in plastic I prefer to use ceramic dishes and I usually have multiple around the house so I have one bedroom and one in the dining room they like multiple access points to water both of them drink out of the toilet and I just let them do their thing cuz as long as the toilets clean it's fine skin Bowl likes to drink out of the bathtub after we've taken a shower she just licks the ground of the shower 

also cats like to have their water and food sources separated they don't like to have them right next to each other unlike dogs you know you can just put them on a food mat and a water mat and you're fine cats do you want to separate it if possible if you have them I mean most people have the floorspace for a little thing of water somewhere usually their food source in the wild is a dead animal so they see that as a contamination to water so that's why they don't like to have them so close together because they won't want to drink that water so try not to keep them in the same room as possible or if you have to just have them be like separated kind of far away next do brush your cats so especially in the spring and summer especially 

cats & kitten - everything you need to know about cats

if you have a long hair animal as they shed in the warmer months they are constantly grooming themselves and that therefore they're swallowing their fur a lot which will create lots of fur balls and you don't want to have to deal with that all the time and you don't want your cats to have to deal with that that's not pleasant for them so try to brush them on occasion you can obviously use like a normal kind of wire brush or they make these gloves that are rubberized that you can just like pet your cat with don't ignore your cat when it comes to you for attention so obviously cats are very independent animals that's one of the things I love about them they aren't needy they're not constantly in your face and they just kind of do their own thing but when they do come to you try to give them love because they do need human affection 

they need affection from their owners and they will tell you when they want it although let's be real we all give it to them don't want it next to do provide hiding spots for your cats especially if they're skittish my girl cat skimble shanks it's very skittish and hides from pretty much everyone even Ryan we've been together for almost six years she's still not the biggest the biggest fan of him now I have created a lot of different hiding spots for her so she never feels like cornered or you know limited or anything like that I have one actually right here down here I need to replace it with something cuter because it's a cardboard box but it works for now she uses it have one in the closet I've one in the corner of our bedroom she also goes in the kitchen cabinets a lot and I just kind of let her do that I know it sounds like you should train your cats I know not everyone's gonna want to let their cats go into the kitchen cabinets or climb on the kitchen table or you know climb on things but I just let them do what they want to do because they are indoor cats and I feel bad that they are probably bored a lot of the time 

so wherever they want to go they can go they live here too and on that note do not try to make them be more social when they're in their hiding spots don't try to pull them out and try you know to get them to come out of their hiding spots they will come out when they want to come out now if you follow my advice and keep them indoors and they are indoor cats they are bound to be a little bit bored and when they get bored they eat food and they gain a lot of weight monkey people get confused by the way when I say Pepe and monkey he has two names Pepe monkey so so I recommend playing with them regularly it helps get them exercise that they need 

because they don't get it from you know being outdoors I do have two cats which I highly recommend getting two cats they play with each other a lot chase each other around and they will play with themselves a lot of the time but not all the time and so you want to keep them stimulated by you know getting their hunting reflexes activated or something whatever you want to call it they still need to use those you know traits that they have that would normally be utilized in the wild but there's no need for them anymore but they still like to use them hence why they sharpen their claws and things like that so now I kind of want to get into a deeper subject of my cat's health journey which has been just that a journey man you're bound to have incidences and your cat's life where you have taken to the bed sometimes it can be very scary and very traumatizing for you and the cat my biggest regret that I ever had about my cats was when I first got them actually I think it was closer to the beginning of 2013 end of 2012 so I'd had them for about a year and a half 

and somehow they got your mites and those are horrendous for cats to have and I felt so bad I could not afford to take them to the vet for a little while being very real with you guys so I learned a lot from that whole experience that cats cost money so if you're going to adopt any animal for that matter make sure you have at least a credit card or money put away something just like you would have for yourself for an emergency if you can you would want for your animals as well because they are a living thing that you are not responsible for and you don't want to be responsible for their misery so anyway back to the ear mites peppe's got extreme to the point where he like scratched his ear pretty raw and bloody and it was very sad finally I was able to take them to the vet spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars getting the treatment and everything he had to go into a cone 

and that was the first time he was in a cone that was also the only time skimble has ever had any issues to have to where I have to take her to the vet she's been a very good cat pepé not so much I've had some smaller issues with Pepe such as he ate a lily once which I needed to mention that by the way you need to research house plants flowers essential oils cleaning products things like that that are toxic to cats and dogs all animals a lot of times cats will want to eat your houseplants 

make sure that they are non-toxic in the cases that they do I will link an article down below that top goes into houseplants and ones that are safe for cats essential oils also not healthy for cats they don't like the citrus family or the mint family besides catnip which is part of the mint family it's ironic I know anyway so he ate a lily before and those are very toxic to cats he was fine thank God he's also had an eye infection which the vet thought maybe that he and skimble were roughhousing too much and it like scratched his eyes so I had to do some eye drops for a while not a fan of that and then finally that leads us to his foot incident hands-down the most expensive issue I've ever dealt with with him and also the most traumatizing 

so it started with Pepe grooming one particular foot I don't know why he started grooming it he just was going town on this foot and it became raw and bloody I had to keep taking him back to the vet to try to figure out narrow down why he would possibly be over grooming one foot to witness his pain he does not like the vet he used to do really well here and then when he had his eye problems that's when things change she doesn't like them here I changed his litter to a natural newspaper that's dust free and like I said before it's a newspaper we thought maybe it was the dust in the litter that was causing irritation on his foot and he was just annoyed by that and grooming it but it probably wasn't that we also put him on a skin sensitivities prescription that food which that was annoying in itself 

because then my cat's breeding to separate foods they each just wanted to eat each other's I'm losing my voice I've been talking so much today so I had to wake up maybe four to five times a night to feed them that's how spoiled my cats are they're like infants they're like actual children actually and the most traumatizing part of this was for months and months it was actually going to be long term until I was like I can't do this long term and I'm gonna wean him off of it and it was the syringe that I had to shove down his throat to give him medicine every day it got to a point where he would run from Treat Bags like from treats because he thought that is what is causing this discomfort because he knew that was my trick to getting him to come out from behind the couch and stuff to get his medicine was the treats cuz he's very food driven to this day 

he still is not he's still wary around treats and it breaks my heart because he loves trees that had actually diagnosed him with the type of OCD in cats so we still don't know to this day what has caused it or what did cause it she thinks at some point he will relapse which makes me nervous ultimately he was in the cone for nine months and that is so tragic to me that's almost like animal abuse to leave him in the comb that long it was not full time though I would give him times without the cone-like monitor to make sure he went like his foot and also so he was able to wash a bit I just felt so bad and then how it all ended was I would give him longer and longer times without the cone and eventually it became unmonitored times he could go without it all night and he just eventually stopped licking his foot 

now this really like took a lot out of me last year because he had been in it for so long and no matter what was good in my life there was still this situation looming over my head that something was wrong with Pepe and I had no idea how to fix it I literally tried everything I'd spent hundreds of dollars and couldn't figure out how to fix it and ended up just being like an OCD thing and so hopefully he doesn't relapse later in his life he's been healthy ever since except now he is very overweight and obese for a cat and it makes me very sad it also had some digestion issues in the past which is somewhat normal for cats if they are vomiting up their food a lot usually 

it's because that food they can no longer digest it does happen you just have to switch up their food let's move on to their favorite snacks now that we're on the topic of food so skimble my girl cat cannot or will not eat land animals she's just a pescetarian cat what can I say he's always been that way she obeyed seafood very picky of a cat luckily Pepe will literally eat anything which you can tell obviously by looking at him I highly recommend the tuna for cats from Trader Joe's they go nuts over that it's like correct to them although it's very very smelly so be careful of anything it touches because it's gonna smell like tuna 

for a while there are other favorite snack and one of my favorites to give them is the I call them gogurts for cats because their little tubes of a wet food that you like squeeze up into there I just like the way you administer it to them it just feels like bonding time to me it's very cute to watch them eat from it and as far as hard like crunchy treats which I do recommend incorporating especially for their teeth because I mean you could brush their teeth I don't brush my cat's teeth maybe I should but the Greenies treats for dental issues are really good they're big enough to where they're forced to chew them which i think is good pepé we'll just inhale trees

 there's like but the Greenies they love them they love the flavors obviously I only get the seafood kinds cuz Schiphol as far as toys it really depends on your cat obviously they're like non toys items like Pepe love bubble wrap for some reasonable loves pens I let her play with a lot of pen but as far as cat toys that are actual cat toys the owl catnip brand is amazing for toys both my cats love the Yao's even though skimble it's not a huge catnip fan she just goes nuts for this banana that we have I don't know why she just loves it 
cats & kitten - everything you need to know about cats

so those are kind of all of my tips and tricks do's and don'ts advice and my personal story in owning these cats and my backstory of owning cats in the past and yeah all the information I can pretty much give you for now if you have any specific questions or want to know anything further I could talk about this all day long so if you want to leave it in the comments hopefully I can get back to you about it also if you have any tips of your own any advice for owning cats that you've learned over the years and you want to share it in the comments I would love that and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed and I will talk to you soon