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lykoi cat - all you want to know about lykoi cats

lykoi cat - all you want to know about lykoi cats

lykoi cat - all you want to know about lykoi cats
lykoi cat - all you want to know about lykoi cats

History of lykoi cats

If you probe the history of the Lykoi, you will find the breed credited to the breeders Brittney and Johnny Gobble alongside Patti Thomas. After chancing across some unique looking litters, they let the cats breed, and therefore the Lykoi emerged. The breed's name comes from the Greek word for wolves.

The Lykoi is officially acknowledged by the International Cat Association (TICA) and was granted full championship status in 2016.

These days, you'll find Lykois in shelters or within the care of rescue groups. So confirm to think about adoption if you opt that this is often the breed for you!

Size of lykoi cats

The Lykoi may be a small- to medium-sized cat. As is usually the case, exact size standards might vary.

Most Lykoi cats weigh in at four to seven pounds. That said, many could also be smaller or larger than average.

Personality of lykoi cats

When you end up living with a Lykoi, you'll immediately notice just how smart these cats are. As a breed, they're inquisitive, curious, and great problem solvers--so you'll be wanting to make sure that you simply have a stash of interactive cat toys available, plus a batch of play items that are rotated regularly. Keeping your Lykoi mentally stimulated will help bring out the simplest during this breed's personality.

Along with being an excellent smart kitty--and a feline that you simply can teach to play games of fetch--the Lykoi is usually an all-around energetic cat who likes to stay active. confirm you've got adequate space and scope for climbing missions if you're considering adopting a Lykoi.

Fortunately, at the top of a tough day's playing, the Lykoi loves nothing quite to cuddle up with the humans in their life and luxuriate in some well deserved time constant.

lykoi cat - all you want to know about lykoi cats
lykoi cat - all you want to know about lykoi cats

Health of lykoi cats

Lykois are generally considered to be healthy cats, but it is vital to schedule regular wellness visits together with your cat's vet.

There are not any breed-specific health problems related to the Lykoi, but always keep an eye fixed out for signs that your cat could be in distress or pain. it is also worth noting that, thanks to the breed's short history, accurate predictions on their average lifespan aren't yet available.

Care of lykoi cats

As with all cats, it is vital to stay up your Lykoi's regular veterinary checkups to detect any health concerns early. Your vet can assist you develop a care routine that will keep your cat healthy.

Beyond scheduling yearly wellness visits together with your vet, confirm that you simply devour a scratching post for your Lykoi's living environment. this will help promote healthy scratching and keep the cat's nails in fitness. The Lykoi is such an active kitty that it's exceptionally important that their nails are kept in great shape.

The breed's ears should even be examined regularly for signs of dirt build-up or possible infection. ask your vet about starting a daily teeth brushing regimen which will fit your Lykoi. Your vet can advise you about specific brands and techniques.

Finally, because the Lykoi maybe a cat with such high energy levels, it's imperative that you simply add a cat tree to your home.

Coat Color And Grooming

You'll usually see the Lykoi sporting a signature black or gray coat. Sometimes a silvery shade of white also appears. The breed's roan coat gives it an endearingly patchy appearance.

When it involves grooming, most Lykoi cats are fine with weekly brushing sessions--but confirm that you simply brush during a gentle fashion in order that you do not irritate or hurt the cat's skin. Ask your vet for assistance on techniques if needed. Also, thanks to the cat's lack of hair, you will need to offer your Lykoi regular baths to assist keep oils in restraint.

In terms of climate, most Lykoi cats are adaptable, although they typically favor warmer temperatures. you ought to also always confirm that there is enough shade and water available during the warmer months.

lykoi cat - all you want to know about lykoi cats
lykoi cat - all you want to know about lykoi cats

Children And Other Pets

The Lykoi cat and young kids are a top-notch combination. Your kids will love interacting and forming bonds with a cat that resembles a werewolf! Just confirm that early socialization takes place and limits are properly assailed both sides--and supervise early interactions between kids and cats.

When it involves other household pets, the good-natured Lykoi fares well with many livestock. But always supervise early interactions between the new cat and existing pets. Sometimes these relationships are considerably hooked into the individual pets' personalities.

Ultimately, early socialization really pays off with this breed. confirm to reward your Lykoi permanently behavior once you bring them home to your family!