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napoleon cat - all you want to know about napoleon cats

napoleon cat - all you want to know about napoleon cats

napoleon cat - all you want to know about napoleon cats

History  of napoleon cats

If you dig deep into the history of Napoleon, you'll discover that this dwarf kitty dates back to 1996.

Their origin story involves a dog breeder by the name of Joe Smith who decided to breed a cat supported the Munchkin and Persian breeds after he saw a Wall Street Journal article about Munchkin cats.

Later on, another breeder named Teri Harris helped to popularize the Napoleon.

Napoleon was officially acknowledged by the International Cat Association (TICA) in 2011.

These days, you'll find Napoleon in shelters or within the care of rescue groups. So confirm to think about adoption if you opt that this is often the mixed breed for you!

Size  of napoleon cats

Napoleon may be a small cat. As is usually the case, exact size standards might vary.

Most Napoleons weigh in at five to nine pounds. That said, many could also be smaller or larger than average.

Personality  of napoleon cats

If you ask the owner of a Napoleon cat, you'll very quickly hear them continue about just how loving and people-focused these felines are. When living with a Napoleon cat, you'll expect the kitty to follow you around and need to snuggle up with you at any opportunity.

They also do great with kids and can bond very easily with humans. Just remember that Napoleon is such a sociable kitty that they need to be around people the maximum amount as possible, so consider another breed of cat if you are going to be faraway from the house for long periods of the day.

Beyond being a complete cuddle bug, Napoleon also features a playful and curious side. they could not be the foremost athletic jumpers, mainly thanks to their short legs, but they're always up for a play session. it is best to feature some interactive toys to the living environment to stay your cat mentally stimulated.

napoleon cat - all you want to know about napoleon cats
napoleon cat - all you want to know about napoleon cats

Health  of napoleon cats

Napoleon is generally considered to be healthy cats; although, they will be predisposed to equivalent conditions that the Munchkin and Persian breeds face. As always, it is vital to schedule regular wellness visits together with your cat's vet.

Some of the more common health problems Napoleons suffer from include:

Polycystic renal disorder 

Care  of napoleon cats

As with all cats, it is vital to stay up your Napoleon's regular veterinary checkups to detect any health concerns early. Your vet can assist you develop a care routine that will keep your cat healthy.

Beyond scheduling yearly wellness visits together with your vet, confirm that you simply devour a scratching post for your Napoleon cat's living environment. this will help promote healthy scratching and keep the cat's nails in fitness.

The mixed breed's ears should even be examined regularly for signs of dirt build-up or possible infection. ask your vet about starting a daily teeth brushing regime which will fit your Napoleon. Your vet can advise you about specific brands and techniques.

Finally, because Napoleon may be a cat with a quite high energy state, confirm you provide enough space for them to scamper around!

Coat Color And Grooming

The Napoleon cat comes in a very large range of colors. Just about any color and combination goes with this kitty!

When it involves grooming, it'll depend upon whether your Napoleon cat is long or short-haired. While a short-haired Napoleon will cope with weekly brushing sessions, a long-haired feline will need far more attention.

Brushing a long-haired Napoleon four or five times every week will help keep off the probabilities of mats forming.

In terms of climate, most Napoleon cats are adaptable. you ought to also always confirm that there is enough shade and water available during the warmer months.

napoleon cat - all you want to know about napoleon cats
napoleon cat - all you want to know about napoleon cats

Children And Other Pets

Napoleon gets along great with young children. Just confirm that early socialization takes place and limits are properly assailed each side. Supervise early interactions between kids and cats.

When it involves other household pets, the good-natured Napoleon usually fares well with many livestock. But always supervise early interactions between the new cat and existing pets. Sometimes these relationships are considerably hooked into the individual pets' personalities.

Ultimately, early socialization pays off with this mixed breed. confirm to reward your Napoleon permanently behavior once you bring them home to your family!