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Nom Nom Cat Food Review

Nom Nom Cat Food Review

Nom Nom Cat Food Review
Nom Nom Cat Food Review

About Nom Nom

Nom Nom may be a company that creates fresh, human-grade meals, portions them out consistent with your cat’s needs, and ships them to your front entrance. Almost every aspect of the Nom Nom experience is personalized, from specially-portioned food to custom delivery schedules to an engaged customer care team.

In 2013, Nom Nom co-founders Nate, Zach, and Alex adopted a pair of mini Australian Shepherds named Harlee and Mim. a few years after she was adopted, Harlee developed health issues and eventually a compromised system. Her veterinarian said a fresh diet might help.

After realizing that nothing on the pet food aisle would suffice, Nate, Zach, and Alex started cooking fresh pet food. Harlee’s health improved and their friends and family liked the food, too. Recognizing a marketplace for fresh pet food, the trio enlisted the assistance of veterinary nutritionist Dr. Justin Shmalberg to formulate fresh pet food for a bigger market.

When the corporate began in 2015, Nom Nom only made food for dogs. They launched their cat chow line in 2018 and, consistent with CEO Nate Phillips, are now assail becoming a “top to bottom pet health products and services company, with a stress on customization and nutrition”.

Thanks to Nom Nom’s staff experts—including a veterinary nutritionist and a microbiologist—the company is in a position to supply personalized nutrition advice and guidance for every customer.

When you create your Nom Nom account, you’re assigned an account manager and given access to the company’s team of pet nutrition experts. If you've got any questions, the customer care team is usually available to share nutrition advice.

Sourcing and Manufacturing
The company uses only fresh USDA-certified ingredients sourced by local restaurant suppliers. Their vitamins also are human-grade and sourced from us. the corporate inspect every ingredient that comes into their kitchens. If it doesn’t meet their ingredient quality standards, it’s rejected and not utilized in the food.

Nom Nom cat chow is formed within the company’s FDA-inspected human-grade facilities in San Francisco, California, and Nashville, Tennessee. Each week, Nom Nom cat chow is formed to order in small batches. Because the corporate only cooks enough food to satisfy customer orders, their facilities produce zero garbage.

Each meal is portioned out consistent with your cat’s weight, age, and weight goals. Within days of cooking, the food is packed into a refrigerated box and shipped fresh, not frozen.

Has Nom Nom cat chow been recalled?
Nom Nom cat chow has never been recalled.

What sorts of cat chow does Nom Nom offer?
Nom Nom’s cat chow line includes two recipes—Chicken Chow Meow and Flavorful Fish Feast.

Both of those recipes are fully human-grade and made primarily from fresh poultry or fish. The meat is cooked and mixed with fruits and vegetables. The recipes come packed in single-serving packets, making it easy to serve your cat the proper amount at each meal.

Nom Nom foods are simply-made with short ingredient lists. They don’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or other additives that may harm your cat.

All Nom Nom foods are formulated to satisfy the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO cat chow Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.

Nom Nom cat chow Reviews

Nom Nom Cat Food Review
Nom Nom Cat Food Review

What do customers consider Nom Nom cat food?

Nom Nom cat chow may be a newcomer to the industry, and it’s been received with smiles and purrs. People and their cats seem to like Nom Nom cat chow. While the brand has many reviews from bloggers, it’s more of a challenge to seek out reviews from Nom Nom buyers.

At this point, Nom Nom’s Consumer Affairs page is that the most reliable source of verified buyer reviews. Nom Nom has received 129 ratings within the last year and has earned an overall satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Note that Nom Nom may be a Consumer Affairs Accredited Brand, which can bring their excellent rating into question.

Positive Reviews

“Been using for a couple of weeks. I wont to make my very own cat chow but this is often easy – cat loves it then do I. I prefer the packets and that they gave me so extra just in case there's a drag with delivery. I should have thought of this!” – Deborah of Roseville, CA

“We have enjoyed our experience with Nom Nom. Their communication is great, pricing is transparent, and repair is personalized. they create it well worth the weekly investment by being professional, top quality, and personable. Shipments are always on time and arrive cold and fresh.” – Shelby of Denver, CO

Negative Reviews

“Ordered a month’s worth of food for my dog which was set to be delivered on February 14th. Everything was confirmed, gave them my MasterCard info, and set for delivery. once I didn’t get an email for delivery I went back to my account and saw that they arbitrarily changed the date without informing me and once I did call that they had my account involved with somebody else. I couldn't speak to anyone responsible as they were all busy, so all I could do was cancel my account. If a corporation isn't found out to try to business then maybe they ought to just keep it regional.” – Eileen of latest York, NY

“First with the bad: once I signed up I used to be told a rather less quote then I ended up paying. I used to be told roughly 40 dollars every week which had been one of the cheaper fresh pet food on the market. It ended up around 50 every week with slight variations supported the most protein ingredient. Second, I think the cat chow is of the very best caliber but my kitty won’t eat an equivalent flavor multiple days during a row so I had to discontinue the cat selections.” – Nicholas of San Francisco, CA

How much does Nom Nom cat chow cost?

Every Nom Nom subscription is priced slightly differently. Your costs will vary supported your cat’s weight, your delivery frequency, your cat’s unique needs, and whether or not you've got a multiple-cat home. Across all variables, Nom Nom usually costs between $2 and $6 per day.

Using an 8-9 lb cat as a point of reference, a weekly delivery plan would cost about $4.31 per day, delivery every other month would break right down to $3.18 per day, and people who choose a monthly delivery plan will see their daily feeding costs drop to about $2.62 per day.

Each subscription plan is different and your costs may differ from these approximations.

Overall, is Nom Nom an honest choice?

Nom Nom cat chow may be a good selection for anyone who wants fresher, simpler, more species-appropriate food than the dry and canned fare sold in pet stores and on grocery shelves.

If you’ve considered making homemade cat chow but don’t have the time or energy to try to do so, Nom Nom may be a fantastic option. They’ve done the research and brought the time to formulate simple, homemade-style foods so you don’t need to.

Convenience-oriented people also will appreciate the subscription model, which allows you to receive a batch of cat chow consistent with a group schedule.

Nom Nom is a superb choice for cats with health issues. Diabetic cats will appreciate the low carbohydrate content, cats with IBD will value its digestibility, and other people struggling to seek out the proper food for his or her cats’ needs will appreciate the power to consult the company’s team of nutritional experts. If you've got a cat with health issues, you’re invited to send Nom Nom your cat’s latest lab results to receive expert analysis and dietary advice.

But Nom Nom isn’t for everybody.

Nom Nom’s biggest drawback is its price. While Nom Nom cat chow is lower-priced than commercial raw diets, some freeze-dried foods, and a few top-tier canned products, it’s not cheap. For some, the convenience, service, and quality are worthwhile, but others may like better to search for more economical alternatives.

Secondly, the subscription model isn’t ideal for everybody. It’s not available to anyone living outside of the 48 contiguous us. albeit you reside within Nom Nom’s delivery zone, you would possibly not be up for the commitment of a cat chow subscription.

Finally, Nom Nom’s cat chow lineup lacks variety. With only two recipes—one made with chicken and therefore the other that specializes in fish—Nom Nom might not have enough recipes to accommodate cats with food sensitivities or selective palates.

How does one order Nom Nom cat food?

Nom Nom cat chow is out there through the company’s subscription model. to put your first order, visit the Nom Nom website. once you start the signup process, Nom Nom will prompt you to enter information about your cat, including her name, weight, goal weight, age, and any special health considerations.

Based on this information, Nom Nom will offer you a price quote for your trial order. After you place your first order, you’ll be ready to customize your delivery frequency and modify your subscription at any time.

Nom Nom cat chow is delivered to customers within the 48 contiguous us. Most customers will receive their food within 2 days of shipment.