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Purina Cat Food Review

Purina Cat Food Review

Purina Cat Food Review
Purina Cat Food Review

About Purina

Purina is one of the most important and oldest companies within the cat chow industry. It started in 1894 when a gaggle of three entrepreneurs founded the Robinson-Danforth Commission Company.

Believing that animal feed would sell despite the poor economy, the corporate started packaging up a mix of molasses, corn, and oats and called it horse and mule feed.

During the subsequent few years, the corporate expanded got a replacement name, and explored various product offerings.

In 1926, the corporate, now called Ralston-Purina, established a pet nutrition and care center, where they developed their first pet foods.

Purina Dog Chow was introduced within the 1950s and reached national distribution in 1957. a couple of years later, cats, too, had a Purina food to chow down on. Purina cat food was introduced in 1963.

The company’s growth continued through the 20th century, as they added on multiple brands, including household names like Friskies, Fancy Feast, and Kit & Kaboodle.

In 2001, Purina merged with the Swiss food giant, Nestlè. Today, Nestlè-Purina is the second-biggest pet company within the world.

In 2017, Nestlè-Purina PetCare generated over twelve billion dollars in revenue. Put together, Mars Petcare, Inc. and Purina Petcare earn about half the revenue within the global pet food industry.

Purina Cat Food Review

Sourcing and Manufacturing of Purina

Purina says that the majority of their ingredients are sourced from North America, but grants that they're going to source from other countries when necessary.

For example, their grains are sourced from the us and Canada. Most of their meat ingredients are sourced from us, with the exception of the latest Zealand lamb. Their vitamin packs are sourced from suppliers around the world.

All of their ingredients must meet or exceed FDA, USDA, or AAFCO standards for pet food and suits Purina’s standards for ingredient safety and specifications.

Most, but not all, Purina foods are manufactured in company-owned manufacturing facilities. Purina operates dozens of plants within the us and Canada. additionally, to USDA and FDA regulations, the manufacturing process is overseen by onsite quality assurance staff and laboratories.
Has Purina cat chow been recalled?
Purina has issued several recalls during its 90-year history within the pet food industry. Here’s a quick overview of Purina’s recalls within the last 20 years.


In March, 5 sorts of Purina Pro Plan wet pet food were recalled thanks to inadequate levels of vitamins and minerals.

2015 Beneful Lawsuit
In 2015, California dog guardian Frank Lucido filed a category action lawsuit against Purina, alleging that over 1,400 dogs, including three of his own, became sick or died after eating Purina Beneful pet food.

Analysis of Beneful pet food samples found that the foods contained three toxins—propylene glycol, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. the amount of those toxins, however, didn’t exceed the FDA’s permitted limits.

Ultimately, the court ruled in Purina’s favor. Us District Court for the Northern District of California ruled that the lawsuit did not prove that Beneful was unsafe.


Purina initiated a us market withdrawal of their Waggin’ Train products after the NY State Department of Agriculture and Markets found trace amounts of antibiotic residue within the treats. These antibiotics are considered safe in small quantities.

They’re legal in several countries, including China, where the treats are manufactured, but not within the us.

Later in 2013, a batch of Purina ONE pet food was recalled thanks to low levels of thiamine.


A single lot of Purina Veterinary Diets OM Overweight Management Feline Formula was recalled thanks to inadequate thiamine levels.


Some Purina cat foods were recalled thanks to possible salmonella contamination.


Purina recalled all sizes and sorts of Alpo Prime Cuts in Gravy petfood thanks to potential melamine contamination.

Purina Cat Food Review

What sorts of cat chow does Purina offer?

Purina stands behind a number of the foremost easily-recognizable brands within the cat chow industry.

Fancy Feast

Fancy Feast was created in 1982 and is positioned as a gourmet cat chow providing delicious, sensory experiences for cats. Fancy Feast includes over 100 recipes, including patés, broths, and morsels in gravy.


Purina ONE is marketed as a top-of-the-line cat chow “dedicated to the lifelong potential of your pet”. The brand includes dry and wet foods.


Friskies is one of the oldest and hottest cat chow brands. In 2017, it had been the United States’ leading wet cat chow, generating almost 586 million dollars in sales. The Friskies product lineup includes economy-level dry food, wet food, and treats.


Beyond is Purina’s natural food line. All Beyond foods are free from corn, wheat, and soy, with no poultry by-product meal or artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Purina Beyond foods are made in US facilities and are covered by Purina’s Traceability Guarantee. The brand’s Simple Origins line is Non-GMO Project verified. The Beyond cat chow lineup includes wet cat chow, dry cat chow, and treats.


Purina Deli-Cat may be a low-cost dry food. It’s a plant-based, corn-heavy food made with the flavors of turkey, fish, and liver.

Kit & Kaboodle

Similar to Deli-Cat, Kit & Kaboodle is a cheap cat chow brand. It offers just two recipes, and both are dry foods.


Purina Muse cat chow is out there in dry and wet varieties. All Muse cat foods are made with natural ingredients and are covered by the brand’s “Clean Plate Guarantee”. This guarantee promises a refund if your cat doesn’t love the food.

Cat Chow

During Purina co-founder William Danforth’s experience as YMCA secretary in war 1, he observed that soldiers got excited when their meals were called “chow” instead of “food”. When he came, Danforth substituted the word “chow” for “feed” within the names of all their products.

When Purina started making cat chow within the 1960s, they called it cat food. Today, Purina cat food is out there during a sort of formulations for unique needs, including life stage and lifestyle.

Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan was developed in 1986 and, consistent with the corporate, was the primary brand of pet food to feature real meat because of the first ingredient. There are four lines of professional Plan cat chow.

The Savor line offers a spread of aromas, tastes, and textures. Focus provides nutrition geared towards specific health needs, including hairballs and tract health. truth Nature line emphasizes instinct-satisfying, meat-based foods. The Prime Plus line is developed for senior cats age seven and over.

Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

This is Purina’s line of prescription diets for specific health needs. The lineup includes food for dental health, diabetes, GI issues, allergies, and more.

Purina Cat Food Review


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